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The Cathedral Church of St. James. Heritage preservation of copper steeple.
Charles A. Murray & Co. Limited has been involved in all types of historical architectural sheet metal and roofing applications over the years. Here is a list of projects that show a working history. For more information or pictures on any of the following items, click linked text below.
Address: 65 Church St, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
1984: Steeple's copper work was removed, repaired, reconstructed, and placed back.
1989: Removed main copper roofing on west side, supplied new wood underneath, and repaired batten seam panels, and places back on.
2008-2009: replace all wall flashings along the batten seam roof.
2009: Replaced all the down pipes on main church with a 5" custom copper round down pipe. Also fabricated and installed a copper flat lock solder seam roof.

2010: Replace all the down pipes on the parish house with new 3”x4” custom copper down pipes.
St. Thomas Anglican Church. Reconstruction of copper towers.
Address: 99 Ontario St, St Catharines, ON, Canada

Work Description:
1985: Worked off architectural drawings to reconstruct copper ornamentals, turrets, finials and built-in gutters. Reconstructed copper cupola and hoisted into position.
St. Francis Centre for community, Arts & Culture. Restoration of slate steeple.
Address: 78 Church Street South, Ajax, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2009: Tower was re-slated and the pattern was replicated in the "beaver tail" style. Fabricate & installed lead coated copper custom round ridge cap, ornamental lead coated copper top flashing, ornamental lead coated copper church cross, galvanized steel 5" OG eavestrough with inside & outside brackets, and 3" x 4" galvanized steel custom down pipes. Hammered lead wool, and flashed wall with lead sheet to cover seams on stone.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. New copper standing seam steeples.
Ontario Legislative Building. Heritage preservation of slate roofing and lead work.
The Jesuit Offices of Upper Canada. Heritage restoration of ornamental sheet metal
 Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church. Restoration of copper eaves-trough and slate roofing.
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 St. Martin in the Fields Anglican Church, Restoration of slate roofing, sheet metal and masonry
Century Home in Mitchell, Ontario. Restoration of slate tower and sheet metal work.
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Address: 43 Queens Park East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2008: Fabricated & installed standing seam roofs on bay windows, ornamental cornice over brick, flat lock solder seam roofing, ornamental cornice wall flashings, handmade & hand spun finials, 5" OG eavestrough, 3" x 4" custom down pipes, and slate repairs on south side.
Address: 111 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2005: Installed sheet lead over stone windows eyebrows on west side.
2007: Replaced missing and broken slate on entire building.
Address: 73 Simcoe Street, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2013: Both steeples were redone in 20 oz copper double lock standing seam. New copper spun finials. Rod iron ornaments, sand blasted and powder coated. Sheet lead installed over stone windows and doors.
Address: 214 Wright Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2011: Fabricated & installed 20 oz copper eavestroughs custom 6" OG and custom down pipes. Made up and installed 24 oz copper return crickets. Made up and installed 20 oz copper wall flashing's step style. Installed new North County black slate on bottom edges.
Address: 151 Glenlake Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

Work Description:
2012: installed lower slate roofing with North Country black slate. Fabricated & installed 6" 20 oz lead coated copper eavestroughs and down pipes. Installed sheet lead over chimney and chimney flashing's. Restored chimney masonry.
2014: Restored bell tower masonry. Installed custom fabricate cross stone on top of bell tower. Removed bell accessories and sand blasted, powder coated and re-installed. Installed sheet lead to bell base stone. Repaired slate roofing at back of bell tower.
Address: Private Residence

Work Description:
2012: Installed tower with new slate matching existing style & size. Made up and installed new 20 oz copper dormers, ridge caps & flat lock solder seam roof.
Heritage presevation of copper steeple Toronto, Ontario
Reconstruction of copper towers Ontario, Canada
Restoration of slate steeple Ontario, Canada
Copper roofing on steeple
Slate roofing repair and lead sheet roofing Toronto
Architectural copper work sheet metal
Slate roofing Toronto
Heritage slate roofing
Custom copper work and slate roofing Ontario
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> Project Pictures <